Living with Asthma Questionnaire


Author of Tool: 

Hyland, ME, Finnis, S., & Irvine, S. H.

Key references: 

1. Hyland, M. E., Finnis, S., & Irvine, S. H. (1991). A scale for assessing quality of life in adult asthma sufferers. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 35, 99-110.
2. Hyland, M. E., Bellesis M., Thompson P. J., & Kenyon C.A.P. (1996) The constructs of asthma quality of life: psychometric, experimental and correlational evidence. Psychology and Health, 12, 101-121.

Primary use / Purpose: 

Self-administered or interview-delivered questionnaire designed to examine patient’s experience of asthma, including both functional limitations and distress.


Web link to tool: 

Living with Asthma Questionnaire

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