The Learning Organization Survey

Author of Tool: 

Garvin, D. Edmondson, A., and Gino, F.

Key references: 

Garvin, D. Edmondson, A., and Gino, F. (2008). Is yours a learning organization? Harvard Business Review, March: 109-116

Primary use / Purpose: 

This instrument can be used to assess, and compare, the learning that is occurring in several areas of an organization or in different organizations.


The authors describe a learning organization as one where employees expertly build, gain, and share knowledge. Within a learning organization, there is a supportive learning environment, specific learning processes and practices, and the leaders encourage and promote learning.

This instrument allows individuals to examine how much learning is going on in an organization. It is divided into three key sections. The first section, Supportive Learning Environment, assesses psychological safety, appreciation of differences, openness to new ideas, and time for reflection. The second section, Concrete Learning Processes and Practices, assesses experimentation, information collection, analysis, education and training, and information transfer. The final section examines leadership in the organization to determine if it reinforces learning behaviour.



Other Information: 

This survey can be taken online at: This facility allows you to compare your scores to benchmark scores so that you can better assess your organizations' performance.

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