HIV Knowledge Questionnaire (HIV-KQ-18)


Author of Tool: 

Michael P. Carey, & Kerstin E. E. Schroder

Key references: 

Carey, M. P., & Schroder, K. E. E. (2002). Development and psychometric evaluation of the brief HIV knowledge questionnaire (HIV-KQ-18). AIDS Education and Prevention, 14, 174-184.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The HIV Knowledge Questionnaire (18-item version) is a brief self-administered measure of the individual’s HIV-related knowledge. This instrument contains 18 forced-choice statements (‘true’,’false’, ‘don’t know’) related to, in particular, knowledge related to sexual transmission. A single summary score is yielded overall, with higher scores significant of greater HIV-related knowledge.


The HIV Knowledge Questionnaire (HIV-KQ-18) was designed to provide a more concise and well-established measure of HIV-related knowledge in street outreach, fieldwork, and intervention settings. The scale aims to tap into other related constructs, for which the original HIV-KQ 45-item scale did not address.


Psychometric evaluation of the HIV-KQ-18 is reported in Carey and Schroder (2002).



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