HIV Knowledge Questionnaire (HIV-K-Q)


Author of Tool: 

Carey, M. P., Morrison-Beedy, D., & Johnson, B. T.

Key references: 

Carey, M. P., Morrison-Beedy, D., & Johnson, B. T. (1997). The HIV-Knowledge Questionnaire: Development and evaluation of a reliable, valid, and practical self administered questionnaire. AIDS and Behavior, 1, 61-74.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The HIV Knowledge Questionnaire (HIV-K-Q) is a 45-item self-report measure that aims to assess the individual’s human immunodeficiency virus or HIV-related knowledge with regard to the following domains: transmission and non-transmission, effective and ineffective prevention methods, and consequences of infection. The HIV-K-Q focuses on sexual transmission of HIV as opposed to needle-sharing or other modes of transmission.


Carey and colleagues (1997), using factor analysis and evaluation of validity to demonstrate that the HIV Knowledge Questionnaire (HIV-K-Q) is a psychometrically sound and useful instrument for assessing HIV-related knowledge in low-literacy adults, a subgroup of the population that has been identified as most at-risk in the second wave of the AIDS epidemic (Kelly, Murphy, Sikkema & Kalichman, 1993).


Psychometric properties of the HIV-K-Q are reported in Carey, Morrison-Beedy and Johnson (1997).



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