General Sexual Knowledge Questionnaire (QSKQ)


Author of Tool: 

Talbot & Langdon

Key references: 

Talbot, T. J., & Langdon, P. E. (2006). A revised sexual knowledge assessment tool for people with intellectual disabilities: Is sexual knowledge related to sexual offending behaviour? Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 50, 523-531

Primary use / Purpose: 

This questionnaire is divided into 6 parts, which assess an individuals knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, sexual intercourse, pregnanct, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and sexuality, respectively.


A shorter version of General Sexual Knowledge Questionnaire (QSKQ) was previously developed (Bender, Aitman, Biggs & Haug, 1983) and used to assess differences in sexual knowledge between sexually-offending and non-offending groups as well as between those with intellectual disability and those without. This revised version contains 110 items and can also be used with a variety of groups.


Reliability is confirmed in Talbot and Langdon (2006)



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