Fruit, Juice and Vegetable Availability Questionnaire (FJV-Q)

Author of Tool: 

Marsh, T., Karen Cullen, & Tom Baranowski

Key references: 

Marsh, T., Cullen, K. W., & Baranowski, T. (2003). Validation of a fruit, juice, and vegetable availability questionnaire. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour, 3, 100-104.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The purpose of the Fruit, Juice and Vegetable questionnaire (FVJ-Q) is to provide a measure of self-reported fruit, juice, and vegetable home availability.


There is a paucity of empirical evidence regarding whether parents can precisely remember and report the foods in their kitchen. Marsh, Cullen, and Baranowski (2003) conducted interviews in the residences of parents with 4th to 6th grade children. Parents were questioned about whether certain fruit, juices, and fruits were present in their homes in the past week. The parents were next asked whether the study investigator could go into the kitchen and observe whether the foods were present at that time using a shelf inventory. The results demonstrated that there was good agreement between the parent and observer report, indicating that parent report were reliable and amenable for use in studies.


Psychometric evaluation of the FJV questionnaire is discussed in Marsh, Cullen and Baranowski (2003).



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