Food Preoccupation Questionnaire

Author of Tool: 

Tapper & Pothos

Key references: 

Tapper, K. & Pothos, E.M. (2010). Development and validation of a Food Preoccupation Questionnaire. Eating Behaviors, 11, 45-53.

Primary use / Purpose: 

This is a 26 or 21 item likert-type questionnaire which examines frequency and emotionality of food-related thoughts.


Preoccupation with food behaviours can be unhealthy and inhibit other cognitive processes. This is particularly relevant to those dieting. While previous questionnaires have examined food preoccupation they have usually only looked into negative thoughts about food. Here positive, negative and neutral thoughts are all accounted for, as they may all impact in varying ways.


Reliability and construct validity are confirmed in Tapper & Pothos (2010).

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