Five A Day Achievement Badge, and Fit for Life Achievement Badge for Boy Scouts of America (11-14 year olds): Measures


Author of Tool: 

Baranowski et al.

Key references: 

Baranowksi, T., Baranowski, J., Cullen, K. W., deMoor, C., Rittenberry, L., Herbert, D., & Jones, L. (2002). 5-a-day achievement badge for African-America boy scouts: Pilot outcome results. Preventive Medicine, 34, 353-363.

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Primary use / Purpose: 

The purpose of the Fit-for-Life badge program was to increase African-American boy scouts’ moderate to vigorous physical activity (PA) levels to 30 minutes a day, 5 times per week by setting weekly goals to do PA while wearing a pedometer to track their steps. Like the 5-a-Day badge program, the Fit-for-Life program combined offline weekly troop meetings with online sessions. Included are several measures (e.g physical activity indices, optimism scale, social desirability scale, and fruit, juice and vegetable intake, preferences scales, self-efficacy, etc.) that were used in conducting the original studies.


The 5 A Day and Fit for Life Boy Scout badge project is sponsored by the American Cancer Society.


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Boy Scouts (2003-4)

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