End of Life Care Survey (EOLCS)


Author of Tool: 

Ferrell, B. R., Virani, R., & Grant, M.

Key references: 

Ferrell, B. R., Virani, R., & Grant, M. (1999). Analysis of end-of-life content in nursing textbooks. Oncology Nursing Forum, 26(5), 869–876.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The End of Life Clinical Nurse Survey (EOLCS) is a 30-item survey. Its purpose is to measure nurses’ attitudes towards, and confidence in, their palliative care skills, their education in this regard, and their relevant demographics.


Quality palliative care is important in ensuring the wellbeing of those suffering with terminal illness. Without sufficient training nurses will struggle to meet the many tough demands of being a palliative caregiver. The End of Life Care Survey (EOLCS) for Nurses is therefore a useful tool for evaluating nurse’s regard for the specific training they receive in this area.



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City of Hope Pain & Palliative Care Resource Center

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