Dyadic Interactional Harmony Questionnaire (DIHQ)


Author of Tool: 

Varga, K., Józsa, E., Bányai, E. L., & Gosi-Greguss, A. C.

Key references: 

Varga, K., Józsa, E., Bányai, E. L., & Gosi-Greguss, A. C. (2006). A New Way of Characterizing Hypnotic Interactions: Dyadic Interactional Harmony (DIH) Questionnaire. Contemporary Hypnosis, 23(4),151–166.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The Dyadic Interactional Harmony Questionnaire (DIHQ) is 50-item Likert-type scale ranging form 1 to 5 which is designed for measuring the interactive phenomenological relationship between hypnotist and subject; however, it may also be used more generally as a characterization of any dyadic relationship.


Much research on the interaction between hypnotist and subject has focused exclusively on the phenomenological experience of the subject. However, interactional theories of hypnosis consider the dyadic relationship as crucial and therefore the role of the hypnotist is also essential. The DIHQ can measure the perceived style of interaction of the individual and this information can compared with that of second individual within the dyad. Standard measures of hypnosis such as suggestibility can then be compared with the overall perception of interaction between the two parties. The tool is not limited to hypnosis however, and has a wide range of potential uses.


The psychometric properties of the Dyadic Interactional Harmony Questionnaire (DIHQ) are discussed in Varga, Józsa, Bányai, & Gosi-Greguss (2006).



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