Disordered Eating Attitude Scale (DEAS)


Author of Tool: 

Alvarenga, M. S., Scagliusi, F. B., & Philippi, S. T.

Key references: 

Alvarenga, M. S., Scagliusi, F. B., & Philippi, S. T. (2010). Development and Validity of the Disordered Eating Attitude Scale. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 110, 379-395.  Alvarenga, M. S., Pereira, R. F., Scagliusi, F. B., Philippi, S. T., Estima, C. P. C., & Croll, J. (2010). Psychometric evaluation of the Disordered Eating Attitude Scale (DEAS) – English version. Appetite, 55, 374-376. Alvarenga, M. S., Francischi, R., Fontes, F., Scagliusi, F. B., & Philippi, S. T. (2010). Adaptación y validación al Espanol del Disordered Eating Attitude Scale (DEAS). Perspectivas en nutricion humana, 12, 11-23.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The Disordered Eating Attitude Scale (DEAS) is a 25-item questionnaire that assesses the individual’s eating attitudes. This index consists of questions grouped into seven subscales: Relationship with food, concern with food and weight gain, restrictive and compensatory behaviors, food refusal, meanings of eating, positive feelings about eating, and idea of normal eating. Higher scores are indicative of worse attitudes.


Eating attitudes are simply defined as any thought, belief, affect or behaviour towards food. Traditionally, most psychometric instruments assessing attitudes towards eating and the individual’s relationship with food revolve around eating disorders (ED) with a resultant focus on ED symptoms. Beyond these types of measures, the remaining corpus of scales examine specific areas of interest in eating attitudes to the neglect of general feelings, attitudes and behavioural correlates. To bridge this research and empirical chasm, Alvarenga, Scagliusi and Philippi (2010) developed the Disordered Eating Attitudes Scale (DEAS). The scale is suited for use evaluating distorted eating attitudes and discrepancies in beliefs, thoughts, and feelings for specific eating patterns and relationships with food in clinical and non-clinical samples.


Psychometric validation of the DEAS (English version) was determined in Alvarenga et al. (2010).



PDF iconDisorder Eating Attitude Scale (DEAS) and scoring

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