Dietary Recall Questionnaire


Author of Tool: 

Moore,Tapper, Murphy, Clark, Lynch, & Moore

Key references: 

Moore, G.F., Tapper, K., Murphy, S., Clark, R., Lynch, R. & Moore, L. (2007). Validation of a self-completion measure of breakfast foods, snacks and fruit and vegetables consumed by 9-11 year old children. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 61, 420-430

Primary use / Purpose: 

A brief 23 item self-completion questionnaire designed to assess the dietary recall of 9-11 year olds. The measure contains activity-related questions to serve as prompts along with the food-recall questions.


Nutritional intake in childhood is a major issue for health and educational concerns. This dietary recall questionnaire can be used in assessing children’s diets, and the efficacy of dietary interventions.


The reliability and validity of the questionnaire are discussed in Moore,Tapper, Murphy, Clark, Lynch, & Moore (2007).


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Dietary Recall Questionnaire

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