Contentment with Life Assessment Scale (CLAS)


Author of Tool: 

Loraine F. Lavallee, P. Maurine Hatch, Alex C. Michalos, & Tara McKinley

Key references: 

Lavallee, L. F., Hatch, P. M., Michalos, A. C., & McKinley, T. (2007). Development of the contentment with life assessment scale (CLAS): Using daily life experiences to verify levels of self-reported life satisfaction. Social Indicators Research, 83, 201-244.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The CLAS is a brief 5-item index that assesses contentment, fulfillment, and self-discrepancies to give an overall indicator of life satisfaction and subjective well-being.


Perceived global satisfaction with one’s life is generally thought to be above average. Lavallee and colleagues (2007), in their study, report that the average Anglo-American’s life satisfaction may be more accurately described as neutral. The CLAS is a measure developed to assess life satisfaction to better understand differences in subjective well-being.


Test reliability are reported in Lavallee et al. (2007).



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