Condensed Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale (CMSAS)


Author of Tool: 

Chang, V. T., Hwang, S. S., Kasimis, B., & Thaler, H. T.

Key references: 

Chang, V. T., Hwang, S. S., Kasimis, B., & Thaler, H. T. (2004). Shorter Symptom Assessment Instruments: The Condensed
Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale (CMSAS). Cancer Investigation, 22(4), 526–536.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The Condensed Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale (CMSAS) is a 14 item inventory rated on a 5 point Likert-type scale. Its purpose is to measure the frequency, severity, and distress associated with, 32 separate, multidimensional symptoms experienced by patients. The CMSAS is based on the previously developed and validated instrument, the Memorial Symptom Assesment Scale – Short Form (MSAS-SF).


With the introduction and growing acceptance of the biopsychosocial model of health, it is becoming increasingly common to assess the quality of life of patients before, during, or after serious illness, pain, or surgery. Palliative carers are especially concerned with the well-being of patients who may be suffering from psychological as well as physical symptoms. The effects of psychological processes are now recognised as major contributors to our physical health. For this reason, the MSAS-SF was developed and validated for clinicians who require a quick, accurate, and multi-dimensional measure of patient quality of life.


The psychometric properties of the Condensed Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale (CMSAS) are discussed in Chang, Hwang, Kasimis, & Thaler, (2004).



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