Coherence Inferences Test


Author of Tool: 

Jolliffe, T. D. and Baron-Cohen, S.

Key references: 

Jolliffe, T. D. & Baron-Cohen, S.(1999). Linguistic processing in high-functioning adults with autism or Asperger syndrome: Is local coherence impaired? Cognition 71:149-185.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The coherence inferences test measures an individuals ability for local coherence (making contextually meaningful connections between linguistic information). Test items contain 2 sentences which are meaningfully connected; respondents must demonstrate understanding of this connection.


The Coherence Inferences Test adds to the literature on language impairments in autism. This test confirms that those with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders are impaired in local coherence.


Convergent Validity is discussed in Jolliffe, T. D. and Baron-Cohen, S.(1999)


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Coherence inference test

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