Cohen-Hoberman Inventory of Physical Symptoms (CHIPS)


Author of Tool: 

Cohen, S & Hoberman, H.

Key references: 

Cohen, S., & Hoberman, H. (1983). Positive events and social supports as buffers of life change stress. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 13, 99-125.  Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 13, 99-125.  

Primary use / Purpose: 

Measure of percieved burden from physical symptoms, and resulting psychological effect


Evidence of an association between recent stressful life events and a variety of psychological and physical disorders has steadily been increasing. The Cohen-Hoberman Inventory of Physical Symptoms (CHIPS)  is a list of 39 commonn physical symptoms. Items were selected so as to exclude items of an obvious psychological nature. Each item is reated on a 5-point Likert scale for how much that item bothered or distressed the individual during the past two weeks.


In two separate college student samples, CHIPS was found to significantly correlate (.22 and .29) with use of Student Health Facilities in the 5 week period following completion of the scale, and the internal reliability (Cronbach’s alpha) of the scale is 88.



PDF iconCHIPS Scale and Scoring

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