Clinical Simulation Evaluation Tool (CSET)


Author of Tool: 

Kavita Radhakrishnan, Joan P. Roche, and Helene Cunningham

Key references: 

Radhakrishnan, K., Roche, J. P., & Cunningham, H. (2007). Measuring clinical practice parameters with human patient simulation: A pilot study. International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, 4(1). Article 8.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The Clinical Simulation Evaluation Tool (CSET) is an evaluation form which is used to score the performances of medical and nursing students on patient simulators such as the ‘Human Patient Simulator’ (HPS). These mannequin simulators are used in educational settings to better improve the skills of those training within a medical context.


Despite the growing popularity of patient simulators as educational tools in the medical field, there is still scant empirical support delimiting their efficacy. A study by Radhakrishnan, Roche, & Cunningham (2007) set out to answer some of these questions by using the Clinical Simulation Evaluation Tool (CSET) to measuring specific nursing clinical practice parameters among a group of students who had been trained with the Human Patient Simulator (HPS). Five main areas of performance were measured: basic assessment skills, safety, prioritization, problem-focused assessment, ensuing interventions, delegation and communication in a complex two-patient, and simulated assignment. It was found that ‘patient identification’ and ‘assessing vital signs’ -belonging to the groups ‘safety’ and ‘basic assessment skills’, respectively- were both significantly better in the group which received additional HPS training with their clinical training.


The psychometric properties of the Clinical Simulation Evaluation Tool (CSET) are discussed in Radhakrishnan, Roche & Cunningham (2007).



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