Child Mania Rating Scale-Parent Version (CMRS-P)


Author of Tool: 

West, A.E., Celio, C.I., Henry, D. & Pavuluri, M.N.

Key references: 

Pavuluri, M.N., Henry, D.B., Devineni, B., Carbray, J.A., Birmaher, B. (2006). Child Mania Rating Scale: Development, Reliability, and Validity. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 45(5), 550–560.

Henry, D.B., Pavuluri, M.N., Youngstrom, E., Birmaher, B., 2008. Accuracy of brief and full forms of the Child Mania Rating Scale. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 64(4), 368–381.

West, A.E., Celio, C.I., Henry, D. & Pavuluri, M.N. (2011). Child Mania Rating Scale-Parent Version: A Valid Measure of Symptom Change Due to Pharmacotherapy. Journal of Affective Disorders, 128, 112-119.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The Child Mania Rating Scale-Parent Version (CMRS-P) is a 21-item inventory rated on a 4 point Likert type scale. Its purpose is to measure changes in symptoms of paediatric bipolar disorder (PBD) as they change over time.


Bipolar disorder (BD) is now well established as a legitimate and debilitating mental-illness. Less research, however, has been conducted looking at paediatric bipolar disorder (PBD). As a result, less is known about suitable treatments for PBD. In order for these treatments to emerge there must first be valid and reliable psychometric instruments to help researchers and clinicians assess symptomology. This is why the Child Mania Rating Scale-Parent Version (CMRS-P) was developed and validated.


The psychometric properties of the Child Mania Rating Scale-Parent Version (CMRS-P) are discussed in West, Celio, Henry, & Pavuluri (2011).



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