Caregiver Burden Scale


Author of Tool: 

Macera, Eaker, Jannarone, Davis, Stoskopf

Key references: 

Macera, C.A., Eaker, E.D., Jannarone, R.J., Davis, D.R., Stoskopf, C.H., 1993. A Measure of Perceived Burden among Caregivers. Evaluation & the Health Professions 16 (2), 204–211.

Primary use / Purpose: 

To assess perceived burden among people caring for others with disabilities.


This caregiver burden scale was developed to assess perceived burden among caregivers of family members with dementia. While everyone who is a caregiver will assist with tasks for their family member with dementia, our previous research found that burden was more than just the number or type of tasks for which the patient required assistance. By obtaining a measure of the caregivers’ perceived burden associated with each of 15 possible tasks, we were able to narrow down the source of stress in a way that could lead to effective interventions.


Internal consistency of the scale: 0.87
Correlation with depressive symptoms (CES-D): 0.38 (p<0.001).



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