Cambridge Mindreading Face-Voice Battery

Author of Tool: 

Golan, O., Baron-Cohen, S. and Hill, J.

Key references: 

Golan, O., Baron-Cohen, S. and Hill, J. (2006). The Cambridge Mindreading (CAM) Face-Voice Battery: Testing complex emotion recognition in adults with and without Asperger syndrome. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 36(2):169-183

Primary use / Purpose: 

This battery of tasks was designed to test emotion recognition among adults with Aspergers syndrome, and show how it compares to those without Aspergers. It consists of 54 video clips of facial expressions and 54 audio clips of expressioned voices.


The Cambridge Mindreading Face-Voice Battery arose from the observations that those with Aspergers syndrome tend to have difficulty recognising and understanding complex emotions. As this impacts on their communication and social deficits, it is important to understand the extent of these difficulties, and the results may be useful in assessment and treatment.


Internal validity and convergent validity with the ‘Reading the Mind in the Eyes’’ task are discussed in Golan, O., Baron-Cohen, S. and Hill, J. (2006).


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