Breakfast Attitudes Questionnaire


Author of Tool: 

Tapper, Murphy, Lynch, Clark, Moore & Moore

Key references: 

Tapper, K., Murphy, S., Lynch, R., Clark, R., Moore, G.F. & Moore, L. (2008). Development of a scale to measure 9-11 year olds’ attitudes towards breakfast. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 62, 511-518

Primary use / Purpose: 

A quick 13 item likert questionnaire looking at childrens (ages 9-11) attitudes towards breakfast.


Positive behaviours, beliefs and feelings about breakfast in childhood are important for good health and can impact on educational attainment. However, breakfast consumption has declined in recent years, especially among adolescents. The Breakfast Attitudes Questionnaire could be involved in assessment and intervention for breakfast promotion initiatives.


Reliability and construct validity are confirmed in Tapper, Murphy, Lynch, Clark, Moore & Moore (2008)


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Breakfast attitudes questionnaire

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