Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire-Adolescent, Brief (AEQ-AB)


Author of Tool: 

L. A. R. Stein, Brian Katz, Suzanne M. Colby, Nancy P. Barnett, C. Golembeske, R. Lebeau-Craven, & P. M. Monti

Key references: 

Brown SA, Christiansen BA, Goldman MS. The Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire: An instrument for the assessment of adolescent and adult alcohol expectancies. Journal of Studies on Alcohol. 1987;48:483–491.

Greenbaum P, Brown E, Friedman R. Alcohol expectancies among adolescents with conduct disorder: Prediction and mediation of drinking. Addictive Behaviors. 1995;20:321–333.

Stein, L. A. R., Katz, B., Colby, S. M., Barnett, N. P., Golembeske, C., Lebeau-Craven, R., & Monti, P. M. (2006). Validity and reliability of the Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire-Adolescent, Brief. Journal of Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse, 16(2), 115-125. PMCID: PMC2836596

Primary use / Purpose: 

The Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire-Adolescent, Brief (AEQ-AB) was designed as a brief version of the Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire-Adolescent (AEQ-A; Brown, Christiansen, & Goldman, 1987). This 7-item instrument is intended for use among clinicians to assess and test alcohol expectancy effects during brief interventions.


The role of expectancies in the initiation and maintenance of drinking behaviour among adolescents has increasingly been demonstrated to be an important mediator, and of interest for assessment and intervention. The Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire-Adolescent, Brief (AEQ-AB) was developed as a brief but useful tool for clinicians to predict drinking behaviour based on the original 90-item parent-focused Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire-Adolescent (Greenbaum, Brown, & Friedman, 1995).


Psychometric characteristics of the AEQ-AB is discussed in Stein et al. (2006).



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