The Adult Asperger Assessment


Author of Tool: 

Baron-Cohen, S. Wheelwright, S., Robinson, J. and Woodbury-Smith, M.

Key references: 

Baron-Cohen, S., Wheelwright, S., Robinson, J., & Woodbury-Smith, M. (2005). The Adult Asperger Assessment (AAA): a diagnostic method. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 35, 807-819.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The AAA was developed for use in the diagnosis of Aspergers syndrome in adults.


While such instruments are already in place for children, there was a need to develop an instrument relevant for diagnoses in adulthood. The instrument is electronic and computer-scorable. In order to avoid false positives, the Adult Asperger Assessment (AAA) criteria are more conservative than the DSM-IV. The AAA includes 23 categorical items, with spaces to include how the symptom manifests in the individual.


Psychometrics are discussed in Baron-Cohen, Wheelwright, Robinson, and Woodbury-Smith (2005).


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Adult Asperger Assessment

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