Checklist of Unit Behaviors (CUB)

Author of Tool: 

Jacqueline K. Gollan, Denada Hoxha, Bjorn Hanson

Key references: 

Hanson, Bjorn, Hoxha, Denada, Roberts, Patricia, & Gollan, Jackie K. (2013). The Checklist of Unit Behaviors (CUB): Psychometric properties of a measure of patient milieu engagement on an acute inpatient psychiatric unit. Journal of Psychiatric Intensive Care, Vol 9(2), 101-109.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The Checklist of Unit Behaviors (CUB) shows us how you are spending your time on our unit and helps us track your progress.


Measurement of patient behavior reflecting engagement in treatment while residing in the intensive psychiatric unit is limited. This measure offers a brief assessment of daily behavior to assist clinical staff towards engaging the patient in the treatment milieu.


Factor analysis identified two factors for the CUB: (1) Behavioural Approach; and (2) Behavioural Avoidance. Psychometric properties were satisfactory (Approach, Cronbach’s a50.93; Avoidance, Cronbach’s a50.79). Over the course of treatment, CUB-Approach increased (p,0.001) and CUB-Avoidance decreased (p,0.001). The construct validity of the CUB was supported through correlations with measures of positive and negative affect.



Other Information: 

1. Ask the patient to complete this form by circling the number within the box that most closely represents their behavior on the unit within the last 24 hours.
2. Score Part A and B. If all marks are in the shaded boxes, the patient has shown higher treatment engagement in the milieu.

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