Balance Of Nature Reviews 2023: Is It Worth Buying Or A Scam?

Reviewed by Drew Sutton, MD

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About The Brand

To stay in ketosis, you may not be allowed to eat some fruits while on the Keto diet[1]. Sugar and carbohydrates are the most prohibited since they hinder the body’s ketogenic state.

On the other hand, fruits are usually regarded as nature’s most potent remedy for various diseases, thus a big part of this diet.

Now imagine a vitamin that contains all of your favorite fruits, vegetables, fiber, and spices in a single pill. Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, this Balance of Nature review is to uncover if it meets this description.

That’s right, you read it accurately. In the following sections, we’ll go through each of the Balance Of Nature supplements in great detail. Keep reading because we’ll go a little deeper than most Balance of Nature honest reviews you’ll find online.

By the end of this article, you’ll have all the information you need to decide whether or not to utilize Balance of Nature vitamins.

What Is Balance Of Nature?

Balance of Nature is fruit and vegetable supplements. According to the makers, the contents were organically matured before being cultivated to make the veggie capsules.

This product aims to aid digestion, and because health begins in the gut, it benefits the whole health system. Loose stools may occur as one becomes accustomed to the substance. But that is nothing too severe you cannot deal with.

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Best Reputation

Balance Of Nature

  • Recommended members get free health counseling
  • Third-party evaluation
  • Fruits and vegetables are entirely organic
  • Gluten-free
  • There are no added sugars, pesticides, or additives in this product. Money-back guarantee for the first thirty days
  • Balance of nature cost cheap

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Science Studies On Balance Of Nature

Third-Party Evaluation

Balance Of Nature dietary supplement makers claim that their supplements are third-party tested with reputable labs. These claims ascertain that they are using sustainable practices to produce these pills.

Unfortunately, they do not offer any of the actual reports on their website.

FDA Warning

According to the FDA’s notice to the corporation, they have “adulterated” dietary supplements not made to CGMP specifications. As per the organization, their supplement firm doesn’t have a program to provide quality checks during the production procedure.

Balance of Nature got served this warning letter in August 2019.

Research/Studies On Claims Of The Brand

The manufacturer claims that the goods are all-natural and include no extra synthetic components. They’re made in the United States with the highest manufacturing standards.

They claim that both men and women can benefit from these pills. The products include a blend of natural components and some of the most effective products on the market for individuals looking to reduce weight and enhance their overall wellness.

Here are the studies:

A paper[2] produced by a Russian doctor claims that the product under research can prevent cancer in rats.

Another document[3] issued by two Russian Medical Academy doctors claims that Balance of Nature products can boost lactation in rats.

The third piece of information[4] claims to be the outcomes of a clinical experiment, but it is nothing more than a multiple-word document with no publisher or medical backing. There are only a few statements regarding their products, and it’s benefits to individuals with severe liver disease.

A recent meta-study[5] found that supplementing with fruit and vegetable powders lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. One study cited in this analysis uses lower doses than those seen in the Balance of Nature products.

A 2009 study[6] found that taking a fruit and vegetable powder supplement lowers blood pressure in hypertensive persons. However, the survey participants were eating 24 grams of vegetable powder per day, which is 12 times the amount in Balance of Nature.

Balance Of Nature Ingredients

Balance of Nature’s components is created entirely of organic, whole foods, with no additions, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, pesticides, or synthetic materials. They are also gluten-free and non-GMO.

The entire wellness System, which contains its healthy fruits and veggie capsules and spice & fiber blend, is one of their best-selling products.

Balance of Nature provides physical and psychological wellness training to preferred clientele. You will not access the Health Coaching Program if you purchase without first joining up for a premium user subscription.


Balance of Nature’s customized mixtures in the fruit and vegetable powders make it tough to precisely know what you’re receiving.

Now let’s glance at this dietary supplement date labeling for each product in Balance of Nature’s product.

Fruits Supplement

Balance of Nature’s Fruits consists of three veggie capsules that include the following ingredients:

  • Maintain blend (731 mg)
  • Protect mix (719 mg)
  • Repair blend (561 mg)

Tomato[7], apple, papaya, strawberry, grape, wild blueberry, banana, and aloe vera[8] are among the ingredients in the Maintain combination.

Grapefruit, cranberry, tart cherry, wild blueberry, grape apple, orange, and aloe vera are among the ingredients in the Protect mix.

Aloe vera, raspberry[9], sweet cherry, mango, lemon, and pineapple are among the ingredients in the Repair supplement mix.

Veggies Supplement

Three pills of Balance of Nature Veggies combination include the following ingredients: 

  • Maintain blend (720 mg)
  • Protect mix (713 mg)
  • Repair blend (576 mg)

Zucchini, kale, wheatgrass, white onion, cauliflower, broccoli, green cabbage, spinach, celery, and broccoli are among the ingredients in the Maintain nature supplement mix.

Carrot, garlic, cayenne pepper, red onion, soybean, red cabbage, kale, wheatgrass, sweet, shiitake mushroom, and potato are all included in the Protect mix.

The Repair mix includes kale[10], soybean, carrot, zucchini, spinach, celery, and cauliflower.

Fibre & Spice Supplement

Fiber & Spice Mix from the supplement comprises the following ingredients:

  • Balanced Whole Fiber Blend (10 g)
  • Protect and Repair Whole Spice Blend (3 g)

a whole apple, whole psyllium husk, a whole monk fruit, flaxseed[11], and make up the Balanced Whole Fiber combination.

Turmeric[12], coriander, fennel, cumin, cinnamon, fenugreek, ginger, cardamom, clove, mustard, nutmeg, and allspice are included in the Protect and Repair Whole Spice formula.

What Is The Mechanism By Which Balance of Nature Operates?

The primary goal of developing this supplement was to assist customers in increasing their fruit and veggie consumption. One of the advantages of eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and veggies is that it improves general wellness, reduces obesity, and reduces the effects of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It can help when used daily, but it should not be used as a replacement for standard medication or a healthy diet.

Inflammation produced by oxidative stress can also be reduced by eating fruits and vegetables while exercising. Another advantage that we’ve known since we were children is that fruits minimize flu signs, and most individuals may notice this within a few weeks of using the nature supplements.

Constipation can be relieved thanks to the fiber and spice blend. Natural fiber, as we all know, helps with digestion and stool motions. It can also improve gut health and the whole health system.

Patients with moderate forms of irritable bowel syndrome may benefit as well. However, just because you’re using a supplement doesn’t mean you should stop taking your medications if you have any.

Balance Of Nature Reviews: What Do Real Users Say?

The rewards of being in tune with nature can help you enhance your wellness and well-being in various ways. It is high in antioxidants and probiotics, as well as helps to boost your energy levels.

On Google, Facebook, Amazon, and BBB, Balance of Nature have received mostly good reviews, rankings, and comments. The product is well-liked on the internet, and there have been no reports of harmful side effects.

The item has a Google rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, which is outstanding. Users have also given the supplements a 4 out of 5-star rating on BBB. The Better Business Bureau has not given it a rating. The product has scored fewer than 3.2 stars out of 5 stars on Fb, which the corporation should be cautious about.

Here are two Balance Of Nature honest reviews from real clients:

“I’m a 75-year-old male who has leg weakness, the last year, affecting my daily walking program and performance on my aerobic exercise machine. I saw the TV commercials and skeptically sent away for these bottles because I was desperate due to my sluggishness. I got the bottles in 3 days, and after 3 weeks, I’ve been walking 2-3 minutes faster than my usual sluggish average-same route every day. Several times, I went from 27.5 minutes to 23.5 minutes! That’s really significant! My aerobic machine has resulted in profound improvement too. Nothing “natural” has ever worked for me before. I take the recommended 6 capsules, spread out at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’m elated at my improvements! Highly recommended except for the price. Really expensive!”

L. Powders 

“Used the product as recommended. Fiber & Spice was terrible. Customer service refused to issue a refund. Automatic orders are a scam to get your money. Tried to cancel, had to wait for them to return my call”.


Health Benefits Of Balance Of Nature

The first and most noticeable change is that you will have significantly more vitality. You’ll want to accomplish more things, and you’ll have a clear and uncomplicated sense of vibrancy.

If you’re tired of feeling tired all the time and have lost your zest for life, it’s worth trying this supplement merely to feel more energized.

Another advantage is for persons who don’t enjoy or have difficulty constantly including fruits and veggies into their diets. You’re providing your body more nourishment than it’s likely received in a long time, with each meal equating to 10-12 servings of veggies and fruit.

Here are more benefits:

  • Completely natural ingredients
  • The fruits and vegetables have ripened on vines.
  • People of all ages can ingest it.
  • It is made in the United States and is suitable for diabetics and pregnant women.
  • The supplement is vegan and whole-food based.
  • A third party has thoroughly tested it.

Potential Side Effects

While Balance of Nature is generally safe to use and does not appear to have any adverse side effects, it is not without risk. These supplements’ constituents may interact with other medications or supplements you’re taking.

Please keep in mind that the goods should only be used for a limited time as long-term use has the potential to induce the following adverse effects:

  • Constipation
  • Bloating, or gas in the abdomen.
  • Some clients complained of having diarrhea.

Fillers, preservatives, and other potentially dangerous additives are not used in the product, and most of the elements are derived from organic sources. So allergies to synthetic elements are not a concern.


  • It has an extensive list of fruits on it. This is fantastic because it aids in the treatment of a wide range of physical health issues. The majority of supplements include a small number of ingredients.
  • The fruits are natural and have been matured by the vine.
  • Overdosing is not possible.
  • Both children and adults can benefit from these items.
  • Expecting and breastfeeding women can use it. Nevertheless, it would help if you took it after consulting your physician.
  • It’s a gluten-free, GMO-free, and artificial-sugar-free organic product.


  • It contains allergens, including grapefruit and soy, which harm a large portion of the population.
  • When contrasted to equivalent products on the market, this product is quite pricey.
  • It’s a one-of-a-kind combination. It would be fantastic to know the specific amounts of each item.
  • There are just too many medicines to ingest in a single day.

How To Take Balance Of Nature?

Each fruit variation comes in a 90-capsule bottle, and you should consume three capsules with a cup of water each day. The veggie product is in the same boat. If you are unable to take the capsules, try mixing them into your diet. Although the substance is all-natural, it is still crucial to implement the producer’s instructions.

The fruit capsules are also claimed to be suitable for pregnant and lactating women and youngsters. Because the grapes in fruit variations can react with other drugs and create adverse effects, it’s best to stop taking Balance of Nature simultaneously. Or otherwise, seek medical advice from a professional.

Alternatives To Balance Of Nature Reviews

NameTexas SuperfoodsJuice Plus+Pure Synergy Superfood Capsule
ProsIt contains vitamins from fruits and vegetables
Consumer feedback appears to be favorable on shopping websites.
Completely natural
100% organic
Research studies to show that it works
It isn’t and doesn’t purport to be a replacement for fruits and vegetables.
It contains a variety of digestive enzymes
It has a high iron content.
The product is kosher, cold-pressed, pure, and packaged fresh.
ConsThis product’s micronutrient content has yet to be determined.
A third party hasn’t confirmed this item.
You may have to replenish it with additional critical components.
Orders must be placed in four-month increments.
Very expensive
Gauging dosage is a challenge.
Full reviewTexas Superfoods ReviewJuice Plus+ Review Pure Synergy Superfood Capsule Review

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Final Thought: Is It Worth Buying?

Coinbase is an ideal tool for new crypto investors who may not have any other investment experience. While the standard platform is overpriced, its features, like its learn program and the ability to easily set up recurring purchases, provide the inexperienced with a clear path to becoming invested and actually understanding cryptocurrency.

Those with more trading experience will find that Coinbase Pro is a cheaper and more robust option, but it is still lacking in terms of features. If you wish to trade seriously, you may find that Coinbase is not the right fit for you. Overall, Coinbase is designed with the beginner in mind.

Balance of Nature may be a suitable alternative if you don’t like eating real fruits and vegetables or find it difficult to eat adequate servings each day. If you’re having trouble getting enough fiber in your diet, the Fiber & Spice blend can be a suitable choice.

Nevertheless, the corporation has received an FDA caution notice, and its products are more expensive than those of its competitors.  So much so, before buying a product, it’s usually a good idea to do some research and weigh your options.

If you opt to acquire Balance of Nature, the recommended membership is excellent to save money. Even though the Balance of Nature supplements are made from whole fruits and veggies, the best way to obtain the most benefits is to consume genuine fruits and veggies.

Regardless, just to be safe, always check with your medical practitioner before using a product like Balance of Nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a quality item?

This is one of the most expensive nutritional supplements on the market right now, and it’s centered on supplying vitamins from the environment. It provides regulated and easy-to-drink blends of actual fruits and veggies.
There are extremely few unfavorable evaluations based on user testimonials. This suggests that Balance of Nature’s vegetables and fruits are a fantastic product.

Is it a good investment?

When determining the genuine value of something, it is sometimes preferable to consider the big picture. It may not always be practicable or easy to consume fresh fruits and veggies daily.
Balance of Nature provides all of the benefits in a convenient capsule format. Given the benefits, it appears to be well worth the money.

Is Balance of Nature any good, and if not, what are some of its flaws?

Anybody who doesn’t believe they are getting enough nature fruit and veggies should try Balance of Nature. Nevertheless, it should not be used in place of these substances in their original state.
The flaw with Balance of Nature is that it is a unique blend; therefore, we have no way of knowing how much of each ingredient is in it. As a result, there is conjecture that there was underdosing and that the recommended dosage was insufficient.

Is it safe to utilize the Balance of Nature indefinitely?

Balance of Nature appears to be a harmless supplement based on all of the evaluations we’ve read and an examination of all of the components. It does, nonetheless, include allergens such as soy and grapefruit, which can be problematic for persons who are allergic to these foods.

Does Balance of Nature have positive effects?

Dr. Douglas Howard’s Balance of Nature supplies all of your food system’s vital fruits and vegetable nourishment. Balance of Nature offers 100 percent natural fruits and vegetables, as well as other high-quality items. Because a third party has thoroughly tested it, Balance of Nature is incredibly efficient.

Is it true that nature’s balance is valid?

Undoubtedly, the product has garnered many favorable comments and ratings from users, demonstrating its credibility.

Is there fiber and caffeine in Balance of Nature?

Although the supplement does not contain caffeine, all of its products have fibers. The firm sells a unique product that contains necessary fibers and spices.

How much fiber is present in the balance of nature?

Fiber and Spice supplement includes 40% dietary fiber and other critical vitamins and minerals in each intake.

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