Athletic Greens Reviews 2022: Nutrition, Price, Ingredients & Alternatives

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Athletic Greens
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  • Suitable for many dietary lifestyles
  • Has a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Made for both non-athletes and athletes
  • NSF tested for sports
  • Easy to the gut since it is easily digestible
  • Manufactured in New Zealand
  • Founded in 2009
  • Recommended by health and athlete experts
  • Supports digestion
  • Boost liver and hormone functions
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves brain function
  • Speeds of the recovery process

About The Brand

In 2009 Chris Ashenden founded Athletic Greens to boost his nutrition while battling gut health and digestive problems. The company is located in New Zealand, and all its products are made in  GMP, NSF, and TGA-registered facilities. The primary objective of Athletic Greens is to encourage people to take control of their health. The brand has a solid reputation and has continuously been recommended and endorsed by health gurus and professional athletes due to its prominent nutritional benefits.

What Are Athletic Greens?

After its launch in 2010, Athletic Greens grew exponentially and became one of the market’s most popular and best green powders. Athletic Greens is especially popular for being the most preferred and recommended supplement by numerous health experts and athlete professionals who describe it as comprehensive nutritional support. The supplement prides itself and describes itself as an all-in-one package by claiming it boosts brain function, liver function, immunity, hormone function, and energy.  Additionally, Athletic Greens is among the most expensive green powder supplements on the market; however, it is among the most loved, especially since it comes in one-serve bags and thirty servings bags. This article will explain the fuss in Athletic Greens, from the health benefits, pros, cons, and side effects. 

Does It Really Work?

There are no available clinical reports about the Athletic Greens; however, there are known studies on the nutritional benefits of vegetable powders and green juices. More specifically, there is one clinical report [1] that supplementation with green vegetable juices for 21 days can be helpful for people struggling with high cholesterol levels. Another research [2] discovered that plant-oriented green powder could boost the function of antioxidants in the blood and prevent the probability of severe diseases due to high oxidant levels. According to Athletic Greens Reviews, users report that they have experienced boosted energy levels, improved mental wellness, better gut health, healthier nails, skin, and hair, and overall better health.

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Athletic Greens

Best Reputation

Athletic Greens

  • Suitable for many dietary lifestyles
  • Has a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Made for both non-athletes and athletes
  • NSF tested for sports
  • Easy to the gut since it is easily digestible

Athletic Greens Ingredients

Athletic Greens are made of seventy-five ingredients. The supplement aims to offer the users maximum wellness and nutritional benefits in four major sectors, including neural and brain function, gut health, immunity, and energy. One scoop of the supplement is 12 grams, offering 2 grams of fiber, 6 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of proteins, and 50 calories. The ingredients in Athletic Greens Ingredients can be categorized into five main groups.

  • 21 Minerals and vitamins: the supplement is made of a vast range of minerals and vitamins; therefore, users can use it as a multivitamin alternative.
  • Alkaline 7388mg: mainly contains green superfoods that can provide support to the liver functions, regulate the body’s pH levels, and improve the heart’s health.
  • Antioxidants and herbs 2732 mg: contains top-notch quality herbs, omega 3 fats, and pea proteins that can benefit the brain, regulate blood sugar, boost energy levels and improve alertness.
  • Dense mushroom complex and digestive enzyme 154 mg: supports immunity and gut health.
  • Dairy-free probiotics 38 mg: supports the digestive system and provide antimicrobial health benefits. 

Health Benefits of Athletic Greens

Improves exercise recovery: Athletic Greens has ingredients that reduce inflammation, swelling, and redness, combat oxidative, and offers ample nutrients to ensure maximum performance.

Supports digestion: the probiotics found in Athletics Greens are among the ingredients that boost digestive enzymes and prevent gut inflammation.

Boosts immunity: the supplement contains ingredients that reduce the excess release of inflammatory cytokines, prevent inflammation, and improve the body’s overall immunity.

Energy boost: the body needs minerals and vitamins for proper energy production and enhanced metabolism. It also helps in enhancing focus, attention, and absorption of nutrients.

Boosts the nervous system: the supplement improves the nervous system by offering vital nutrients for antioxidants to prevent brain inflammation and improve cognitive functions and neurotransmitters.

Improves hormone function: the supplements’ minerals and vitamins help release hormones that help regulate stress and reproductive hormones.

Potential Side Effects

The most common side effects reported by users using the supplement include digestive problems such as bloating, diarrhea, and nausea. Also, children below eighteen should not use the product unless their doctors approve it. Pregnant women, lactating mothers, or people under any medication should consult with their doctors before using Athletic Greens. The supplement also contains stevia leaf, an organic sweetener; therefore, anyone indifferent to stevia should note this.


  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • A vast range of nutritional ingredients
  • Organic gradients
  • Ingredients supported by science


  • Expensive
  • No scientific proof for the supplement as a whole
  • Autoship program enrollment

How To Take Athletic Greens?

The recommended serving for Athletic Greens is one scoop per day. Also, taking supplements in the morning before taking any meal is better for better absorption. It is better to take Athletic Greens with water; however, it can also be mixed with one’s preferred juice, smoothie, or milk.

Can Athletic Greens Replace Vegetables In Diet?

Despite Athletic Greens and other vegetable powders being manufactured from dried vegetables and fruits, there are crucial nutritional amounts such as fiber lost during the process. This being said, Athletic Greens and other green powders in the market are not an alternative for a well-balanced meal and cannot substitute the vital nutritional content you consume from whole foods.

Is Athletic Greens Safe To Use For Children?

It is commendable for persons below eight years to consume Athletics Greens or any supplement without professional medical consultation.

Athletic Greens Review: What Do Real Users Say?

“After being diagnosed with fibroids a few years ago, eating has not been a walk in the park for me. After using Athletic Greens, I almost forgot how tired I used to feel back them, not to mention the reduction of inflammation. I finally feel like myself!”

Denise Quinton

“I am a 61-year-old man with the energy and enthusiasm of a ten-year-old. Taking my daily scoop of Athletic Greens gives me the energy to do things I love, such as rock climbing.”

Johnson Parker

“My body does not respond well to dairy products; among other things, I was highly skeptical about Athletic Greens, but it seems the supplement considered all the lactose intolerants out there. Absolutely love it!”

Geraldine Owens

Alternatives To Athletic Greens

ProductOrganifi-Green-JuiceSuperGreen Tonik-1Nested-Naturals-Super-Greens-Energy-Original-Flavor
NameOrganifi Green JuiceSuperGreen TonikNested Naturals
ProsSupports the body’s daily detoxification
Weight loss benefits
Boosts immunity
Provided in travel pouches
Complete ingredients details label
Mint or berry-flavored
Fully dosed ingredients
365-day money-back guarantee
Has flavored options
Certified organic
Tested thoroughly
ConsNot suitable for people with autoimmunityExpensive compared to othersDifferent saving and subscription options
Full reviewRead full review Read full review Read full review

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Final Thought

Following Athletics Greens’ over seventy ingredients, its quality, reputation, and its 60-day guaranteed return policy, Athletic Greens is worth its price. Despite being higher in price compared to other green powders in the market, in its defense, it is backed up by NSF testing, top-notch quality ingredients, and a vast range of ingredients. Regardless, before making your final decision, you can give it a thirty-day trial and then make a choice. The supplement is used and recommended by health gurus, pro athletes, and other users. Finally, consult a professional medical officer before committing to any dietary supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Athletics Green been in the market?

The product was launched in 2010, therefore twelve years.

Does Athletic Greens have a return policy?

Yes, the brand has a solid 60-day return policy.

How long do Athletic Greens take to work?

Individuals facing nutritional deficiencies may notice a change after several weeks; however, it takes at least a month.

Do Athletics Greens really work?

According to the reviews, consumers have reported having experienced positive results after consuming the supplement.

Is Athletic Greens safe for children?

The supplement is not commendable for persons below eight years.

Where do I purchase Athletic Greens?

From Amazon or its official website.

Can I take Athletic Greens when breastfeeding?

Lactating mothers and pregnant women are not recommended to take the supplement. Consult your doctor before deciding to use the product.

Does Athletic Greens change urine color to yellow?

No. every ingredient in Athletic Greens has been professionally and meticulously chosen and prepared for optimal absorption.

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