The Big Three Perfectionism Scale (BTPS)

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Martin M. Smith

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Smith, M. M., Saklofske, D. H., Stoeber, J., & Sherry, S. B. (2016). The big three perfectionism scale: A new measure of perfectionism. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment.

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Copyright by Martin M. Smith. All rights reserved. Permission granted to use and reproduce this measure for academic and research purposes.


The BTPS assesses three higher-order global factors (rigid perfectionism, self-critical perfectionism, narcissistic perfectionism) via 10 lower-order perfectionism facets (self-oriented perfectionism, selfworth contingencies, concern over mistakes, doubts about actions, self-criticism, socially prescribed perfectionism, other-oriented perfectionism, hypercriticism, grandiosity, entitlement).


The psychometric properties of the BTPS have been examined by Smith, Saklofske, Stoeber, & Sherry (2016). A copy of this article is available below.


PDF iconbtps_paper_copy_.pdfPDF iconsmith.saklofske.stoeber.sherry2016_.pdf

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perfectionism, rigidity, self-criticism, narcissism, factor analysis, reliability, validity, personality, gender

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