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  • Provides a variety of products
  • Alleviates aging signs
  • Uses safe ingredients
  • Has many positive ingredients
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  • Uses scientifically backed ingredients
  • Based in the United States of America
  • Has a high rate of customer satisfaction
  • Reduces wrinkles and eye bags
  • Reduces signs of aging
  • Reduces crow’s feet
  • Thickens fine lines

What Is Plexaderm?

Old is gold, they said, but most of us wish getting older didn’t affect our skin, right? While aging like fine wine is almost everyone’s dream, our skin might be a constant reminder that age is not just a number. Crow’s feet, wrinkles, smile lines, and eyebags are among the symptoms of aging; however, this does not have to be the case. There are numerous skin care products in the market dedicated to helping you maintain that youthful look. Plexaderm rapid reduction cream is among the most effective remedies to deal with eyebags and wrinkles. As an anti-aging cream, this rapid reduction cream is a significant boost if you aim to have that vibrant, youthful look while still being a classic soul deep at heart. Positive reviews show that Plexaderm products are suitable for sensitive skin and an excellent remedy for removing eye bags and dark circles. 

Jonathan Greenhut is the CEO of True Earth Health Products, which manufactures Plexaderm. Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum is the firm’s most popular product. Also, Sheer Science is a verified Plexaderm products distributor; therefore, if you wish to purchase legit Plexaderm products, you can find them at the sheer science official website.


  • The brand provides a clear disclaimer
  • Accessible online reviews
  • Fast and effective results


  • Relatively pricey

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Best Reputation


  • Provides a variety of products
  • Alleviates aging signs
  • Uses safe ingredients
  • Has many positive ingredients

Does Plexaderm Work?

The largest organ in the body is the skin[1]; therefore, it is crucial to understand how Plexaderm works. The skin is responsible for keeping the internal organs intact and safe from microbes, ultraviolet light, and other toxic environmental substances. Skin aging is not exactly a joyous feature for many of us, even though it is an inevitable aging element. Regardless, reducing visibility is an excellent remedy for maintaining a youthful appearance; this is where Plexaderm products come to the rescue. The rate of skin aging differs since this is genetically influenced; therefore, knowing your skin type is vital in choosing the right Plexaderm product. 

According to reviews, Plexaderm results differ depending on what product you choose. The company’s use of high-quality ingredients guarantees the safety and efficacy of Plexaderm products. For example, Plexaderm serum is designed to reduce eyebags and, provides a temporary fix to smile lines and wrinkles, smoothens the skin. After ten minutes of applying the Plexaderm rapid reduction serum, you might begin to see some positive changes. 

Plexaderm Ingredients

The skincare product contains a simple list of components, but the key ones include magnesium silicate and sodium silicate. Other ingredients are ethylhexylglycerin, phenoxyethanol, Red 40 (Cl 16035), Yellow 5 (Cl 19140), acetyl hexapeptide-8, cellulose gum, and water. The manufacturing of detergents and soaps primarily uses sodium silicate[2] since it has properties that can balance a product’s pH levels. 

Magnesium silicate[3], mainly purified clay, is beneficial in absorbing excess facial oil and can be applied as a thickener. The other elements, such as cellulose gum and dyes, are essential in creating a film on the skin. On the other hand, Acetyl hexapeptide-8[4] has water-binding attributes, making it a great addition to skincare products. Ethylhexylglycerin[5] is used as a preservative and for skin conditioning. Phenoxyethanol[6] is typically obtained from green tea; however, it can be developed in a laboratory and used as a preservative and fight bacteria.

Plexaderm Review: What Do Real Users Say?

“I have always been afraid of growing old due to wrinkles, but since I started using this product, I have looked at least ten years younger than I am. I am a sixty-three-year-old woman.”

Sharon Temple

“All my friends were asking what gave me this youthful look, and I had to let them into my little secret, Plexaderm. Despite being in my fifties, my skin has a fine texture, and my wrinkles are nearly invisible. I have sagging skin and eye bags since I lost a considerable amount of weight a year ago. I was recommended this product by my peer who takes skincare routine seriously. Although I have not experienced the same results as I was expecting, I see some significant changes.”

Malcolm Monroe

“I wear makeup on a daily basis, and at times my skin feels worn out. After taking off my makeup, I use Plexaderm serum, which moisturizes and soothes my skin. I love this brand.”

Melissa Sheridan

“I should’ve read the reviews of the skin product that didn’t agree with my skin some years back. At first, I thought Plexaderm was being hyped for nothing. After I stopped being so cynical, I read its reviews and gave it a try. People now think my daughter is my sister, and I look that young.”

Joleen Kaminsky

“I have been seeing Plexaderm products advertised and being skeptical, and I kept underestimating it. Due to my genetics and age, I have eye bags and dark circles that never go away, but this product has helped me fix that. I love the image that reflects when I look in the mirror. Thank you, Plexaderm.”

Patrick Jacksons

Alternatives To Plexaderm

ProductPeter Thomas Roth Instant Firmx Eye TightenerDr BrandtStrivectin
NamePeter Thomas Roth Instant Firmx Eye TightenerBrandt SkincareStrivectin
ProsHas a silky texture
Immediate results
Using a small amount is enough
It’s non-greasy
Gentle small granules which offer a luxurious feeling
Brightens and hydrates the eyes
Reduces wrinkles and fine lines while moisturizing the eye area
Made with ruby crystal complex and time-released retinol
Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidants attributes
Supported by science
Reduces wrinkles
Reduces stretch marks
Improves slight skin imperfections or blemishes
ConsLeaves a white cast
Not suitable with water-based products
Short-lived results
Skin might feel dry
Granules are not environment friendly
Mild headache
Redness in the applied area
Full reviewPeter Thomas Review Brandt Skincare Review Strivectin Review

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Benefits Of Plexaderm Skincare

The ingredients used to make Plexaderm are scientifically backed up; therefore, the product provides several anti-aging benefits. First, magnesium silicate and sodium silicate, Shane clay minerals, work together with cellulose gum to reduce wrinkles on the skin. The three elements flatten and thicken the skin. Also, they contain water-binding aspects that ensure the skin retains moisture, reducing wrinkles.

Under-eye bags are mainly caused by aging, which weakens the tissues below the eyes which support the eyelids. The fat designed to support the eyes transfer to the lower eyelids hence the puffy appearance. Plexaderm can effectively get rid of dark circles and puffiness because it contains ingredients with moisturizing attributes. 

Generally, the product’s primary objective is to reduce the visible signs of aging skin. With its ingredients working synergistically, Plexaderm can help prevent skin cracks, moisturize the skin, and minimize wrinkles and puffy eyes. Plexaderm also contains anti-aging properties. It smoothes and tightens loose skin, minimizing skin aging signs.  

Potential Side Effects

Many skincare products are likely to cause skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. It is crucial to conduct a patch test before deciding to use any skin care product. A common side effect that Plexaderm users have commonly reported is that it leaves a white residue. Despite being harmless, it can be very annoying. Who wants to walk around looking ashy? No one, right? This is where most people draw the line.

How To Take Plexaderm?

Like many other products, Plexaderm has to be used with proper caution to prevent unnecessary and unwanted reactions. You need to ensure your skin is clean from any facial oil and dirt before applying Plexaderm. After making sure your skin is clean and dry, you can apply the product since its effectiveness potential will be maximized. Apply the upward and outward movements when using your fingers to spread the cream over the wrinkles, eye bags, and fine lines. Be keen not to touch your eyes inside to prevent eye irritability. If you touch your eyes, you can wash them gently with cold water. 

Apply the cream evenly on the intended a, and if you see an ashy appearance, then this is your cue that you have applied it in excess. This can be rectified with a damp cloth and gently eliminate excess cream. When you are done applying the cream, wait for fifteen minutes and ensure your facial muscles are still to enhance better results.


Plexaderm rapid reduction cream is among the most effective remedies to deal with eyebags and wrinkles.

  • The brand provides a clear disclaimer
  • Accessible online reviews
  • Fast and effective results
  • Relatively pricey

As an anti-aging cream, this rapid reduction cream is a significant boost if you aim to have that vibrant, youthful look while still being a classic soul deep at heart. Positive reviews show that Plexaderm products are suitable for sensitive skin and an excellent remedy for removing eye bags and dark circles. 

Final Thought

Plexaderm offers significant skincare and skin health benefits and is a great choice if you are seeing to remove or reduce signs of aging skin. The brand gets numerous positive customer reviews despite having temporary tightening effects. As per Plexaderm reviews, a vast majority of users have enjoyed great skin improvements that make them appear youthful. To avoid scammers who claim to sell legit Plexaderm products, make sure you purchase from the company’s official website or the verified distributor’s site. Third-party sellers might scam you, and besides, purchasing directly from the brand website helps you save money, and you will be eligible for a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if Plexaderm accidentally touches the inside of the eyes?

Wash your eyes gently with cold water to prevent eye irritability.

How long should I wait after applying the cream?

Ten to fifteen minutes.

Does Plexaderm have long-lasting effects?

Despite immediate and effective results, the cream’s effects typically last ten hours.

Is it safe?

The product is generally safe for usage. To prevent potential reactions, ensure to adhere to the product’s guidelines.

Can Plexaderm fix loose skin?

The cream has tightening effects that can fix sagging skin and give the user a more youthful look.

What is Plexaderm?

This brand designs skincare and anti-aging products to minimize visible aging signs such as wrinkles.

Can Pleaxderm remove the eye bags under my eyes?

Yes. The product alleviates the appearance of under-eye bags, puffiness, wrinkles, and crow’s feet.

Is there free shipping for Plexaderm?

New clients are offered free shipping, which is a great method to save money more if your budget is tight.

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