Nyasha Stevens, BS

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Nia is a STEM educator, certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and certified nurses' aid. She received her Bachelor's in Creative Writing and Music Theory from The College of Idaho in 2010 at the age of 18. She spent the next 5 years studying Biochemistry and STEM education at Boise State University. Now a mother of 2, she resides in central Idaho and owns a writing agency specializing in content and copywriting for Health, Science, & Education.


  • Director & Private Teacher

    Prodigy Private Instruction

    Jun 2004-Present

  • Boise State University

    Fitness Instructor

    Jan 2013-May 2015

  • Boise State University

    Resident Assistant

    Jan 2013-Aug 2013

  • Marketing Director

    American Exteriors LLC

    Oct 2011-Jan 2012


  • Boise State University

    Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry | Mathematics | Education


  • College of Idaho

    Bachelor of Arts in Music Theory & Composition


  • The College of Idaho

    Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing


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