VanDoren, C., Nutritionist

Exercise Nutrition Wellness NSCA Personal Trainer ACE Fitness Nutritionist ACE Weight Management Specialist
Christine VanDoren created Edge of Longevity, an online personal training company, which helps people all over the world engage in a healthier lifestyle. After becoming an NSCA certified personal trainer and ACE nutritionist, she started spending her time training in the gym and online and creating content for Edge of Longevity, all of which is about how she has worked to better herself, and in turn, hopes to help others better themselves too. She believes the healthier one is, the happier one can be, and through Edge of Longevity, she hopes to spread that happiness to people in every country, every lifestyle, of every age and gender, and ethnicity. She warmly welcomes you to this community of people trying to make a change. In addition to sharing knowledge through her personal training and nutrition services, she enjoys writing articles and blog content over any health and wellness-related topic!


  • Justin Bauer Fitness

    Personal Trainer

    4 years doing personal training; 3 years working as a nutritionist; 2 years writing health and wellness articles for various websites.


  • Missouri State University

    Bachelor’s degree, Business Administration and Management, General

    Aug 2017  – Dec 2021

  • Bachelors in business; certifications

    NSCA Personal Trainer

    Dec 2020 – Aug 2022

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