Perfect Body Reviews 2023: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Reviewed by Drew Sutton, MD

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  • 1000+ convenient meal recipes
  • Individualized workout plans
  • A weight loss progress monitor
  • A mobile application designed to aid clients in achieving a safe and healthy weight loss target
  • It helps to control weight
  • Useful in preventing and treating diseases

About The Brand

Having excessive weight has been identified as a major source of worry for people. There are also various reasons for which people may wish to shed weight, and this cuts across all profiles of people. As a matter of fact, about 45% of people[1] are trying to lose weight, however, only 20% of those that lose weight end up maintaining the new body successfully.

Fortunately, there are different emerging strategies that have proven to be effective in the journey to shed some body mass and achieve one’s desired body size. One of these strategies is the use of apps to guide and monitor the weight loss process. A popular app that people use to achieve this is the perfect body app. This article will give detailed perfect body reviews and an overview of the app, including its features and its cost.

What Is Perfect Body App?

There are various techniques employed in the journey to achieving the desired body goal, and the use of apps is one of them. The Perfect Body is an app that creates diet plans structured in a way that helps individuals attain their desired body weight in a healthy way. The app collects specific information about people’s health and food preferences and then creates personalized meal plans for them. It includes a specially designed 28-day meal plan[2] along with simple and effective workout plans designed for weight loss.

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perfect body app

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Perfect Body App

  • 1000+ convenient meal recipes
  • Individualized workout plans
  • A weight loss progress monitor

Does Perfect Body Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, it works and helps people in losing weight. Avoiding weight gain lowers your risk[3] of developing numerous chronic conditions, including osteoarthritis, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and some types of cancer. The app creates a customizable and personalized meal plan with various nutrient-filled foods. It also provides a workout plan that facilitates your chances of reaching a good health goal or managing underlying health conditions.

How Does Perfect Body Work?

Perfect body is a weight loss program that spans 28 days. Your age, gender, height, current weight, dietary preferences, physical activity, and underlying health condition will be recorded on a questionnaire. Your current weight is noted, as well as your health goal. Then a diet plan and a workout plan are formed specifically for you from the answers given. A personal summary that shows your body mass index (BMI), metabolic age, recommended calorie intake and suggested daily water intake appears after filling out the questionnaire.

You are then required to input your email address in order to choose your preferred plan. A meal plan is sent to you after 24 hours. The meal plan is made from easy-to-find ingredients and there is a tracker that monitors how many calories you consume daily as well as a water intake tracker that gauges how much water you drink. It acts as a personal trainer and guides you along the right track till you attain your health goals.

What Happens When The 28-Day Meal Plan Is Over?

By the end of the 28 day meal plan, there is an option to either stop or extend the program. If you choose to extend, then your new meal plan will be modified to suit your new weight and physical condition. This new plan will either be aimed at maintaining your new body size or attaining new body goals. The nutritionists at Perfect Body will check your data and make sure the new meal plan consists of new challenges that will bring forth tangible results at the end of the weight loss program.

What Kind Of Diet Is Perfect Body?

The main aim of a perfect body program is to provide you with beneficial healthy habit tips for you to reach your desired goal weight. It is a customizable diet set according to your dietary preferences. The perfect body diet plan is a great diet plan that helps you lose weight quickly and consists of recipes formed from your food preferences to help you achieve your weight loss goals. The meal plan[4] consists of over 1,000 different recipes created from the ingredients of your choice.

Perfect Body Review: What Do Real Users Say?

The effectiveness of the perfect body diet program simply cannot be overstated, and as expected, a few customers have expressed great views about it. So here are the perfect body reviews of a few beneficiaries of the program.

“I enjoy all the different food choices for each meal. It makes it exciting and enjoyable. I haven’t gotten bored.”

Roalie Steinhauser

“I love everything, starting with the daily menu. I live in a small town in Brazil, so I don’t have all the ingredients, like blueberries. I substitute them and I do hope it is ok. So you won’t hear any complaints from me. My weight loss till now is 1kilo, 300 gr. and I am satisfied. Good job and thank you!”

Antje Hansen

“Yes, in a month I lost 9 lbs the food was excellent, the customer service was prompt and helpful, and when the app worked it was fun to see the progress I made, and it was easy to follow. Loved it.”

AAARaina Robeson

Alternatives To Perfect Body

ProductNoom Diet reviews-productWeight WatchersMyFitnessPal
NameNoomWeight WatchersMyFitnessPal
ProsIt focuses on whole foods
Improves eating habits
It uses a psychology-based approach
Helps you learn to make good food choices
Makes you consistent through the points given
It is a good diet for vegetarians
Has varieties of food you can choose from
It is user-friendly
You can maintain your desired body after achieving it
ConsIt is a bit expensive
There have been reports of problems with canceling subscriptions
Some people might not be able to afford a monthly subscription
You have to buy all the groceries listed
Exercise cannot be ignored unless you upgrade
The predictions are usually inaccurate
Full reviewNoom Review Weight Watchers Review MyFitnessPal Review

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Is It Safe?

The Perfect Body program is safe and effective. Perfect Body is known to have excellent customer service that is available 24/7, and there are a lot of people that can vouch for the program. It is handled by trained nutritionists and researchers who have adequate knowledge of healthy habits and can recommend healthy meals and create delicious recipes and personalized workouts. The various reviews online show that it is not only safe but provides meaningful results to its users.

How Much Does It Cost?

You are probably wondering ‘how much is a perfect body worth?’. Perfect Body is relatively affordable compared to its competitors. For a three-month subscription, the cost is $4 per week or $69 per month, but for a six-month subscription, it costs $2.58 per week or $134 per month. There is an option to cancel your subscription in case you are not satisfied with the plan or you want to check on something new.

The table below is the full price of Perfect Body

Subscription OptionWeekly PriceMonthly Price
1 Month$9.75$39.00
3 Months$4.00$69.00
6 Months$2.58$134.00

Losing weight is a journey that exercisers should pay more effort into. Therefore, the price is more reasonable if people choose longer subscription options.

How Fast Can You Lose Weight On Perfect Body?

Everyone’s body is built differently, but it is recommended that a person on a weight loss journey loses 1-2 pounds per week[5] . Being an app that employs only safe weight loss techniques, it structures your weight loss plans in a way that would be in line with the recommended practices. 

Despite the safe weight loss plans on the platform, losing weight can still be quite tricky, but if you follow the meal plans created and workout plan without skipping any of them, you will start to notice significant changes within a few weeks as you will shed a few pounds sooner than you think.

Perfect Body Reviews

A great diet app with features designed to make users physically active. The customizable program consists of a perfect body diet plan and workout plans that make you achieve perfect body aims.

  • It is budget-friendly
  • It helps to monitor the type of food you eat and promotes healthy feeding patterns
  • Meal plans are curated by professionals (registered nutritionists and dieticians)
  • Fitness plans are an added feature
  • You can not use the app unless you pay for the service

Perfect Body is an app that offers a detailed program for those interested in weight loss. It is a customized program solely for you and helps with your meal planning and monitors the entire process. In the process of generating the best-individualized weight loss plan, 20 important questions are asked regarding the individual’s lifestyle, food choices and overall health status. It will then suggest healthy recipes based on your personalized weight loss journey and help you until you achieve your weight loss goals. During the journey, it tracks your exercise plans, total food intake, and body weight.

In summary, it exists to create perfect wellness solutions. There is the option of continuing with your plan even after the 28 day program elapses, and you can also refresh your plan and choose a new goal to work towards. The method of weight loss that it provides is very practical and easy to follow as it already gives the blueprint. If you don’t like certain options, there are other options with the same nutritional value. This app is a must-try if your end goal is weight loss.

Final Thought

Not only is the Perfect Body meal plan effective, but it is also quite flexible and allows you to choose from a wide range of wholesome meals to ensure you remain healthy all through the duration of the plan and creates provision for incorporating simple and effective exercises. Its support team guides and tracks your progress throughout the weight loss program, it will be hard for you to feel alone or unmonitored.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Perfect Body legit?

Yes, it is legit. Reviews and the numerous positive comments of previous users show that it really does exist and provides the promised service.

 How quickly will I see results with Perfect Body?

As long as the user follows the plan without skipping any days, changes will occur within a few weeks of starting the plan.

Is there a free trial on Perfect Body?

No, there is no free trial on Perfect Body. You have to choose a preferred plan from the ones available in order to use the app.

How much does it cost to use Perfect Body?

The price of the 1-month option is $9.75 weekly, and $39.00 monthly.
3 months will cost $4.00 / week, and $69.00 per month.
6 months will be cheaper at $2.58 / week, and $134.00 per month.

Is it safe to follow the Perfect Body meal plan?

Yes, it is very safe. The meal plans are created by nutritional and dieticians, and the exercise routines are monitored by a health insider.

Will I achieve my goal weight after using Perfect Body?

After using Perfect Body, you will undoubtedly reach your desired weight. The app is designed specifically to help users through weight loss.

Are there any other alternatives to the Perfect Body app?

Yes, there are other similar platforms that are useful in helping people achieve safe weight loss, like Noom, Weight Watchers and My Fitness pal.

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