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Welcome to the measurement instrument database for social sciences (MIDSS). This website is designed as a repository of instruments used to collect data from across the social sciences.

Our Team

Oglesbee, P., BA

Health, Wellness & Beauty Writer


Clarke, M., MBAHM

MBA in Healthcare Management

Rick Bayer-2

Bayer, R., MD

Medical Writer & Medical Doctor

Sury Isabella

Isabella, S., Nutritionist

Nutritionist Writer

Drew Sutton-1

Sutton, D., MD

Medical Writer & Editor

Gonzalez Cueto-1

Cueto, E.G., MD

Medical Doctor & Medical Writer

Christine VanDoren-1

VanDoren, C., Nutritionist

Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Writer

Zaakir Shakoor-1

Shakoor, Z., Nutritionist

Nutrition, Exercise & Health Specialist/Writer

Conor Prendergast

Conor, P., MD

Medical Student

Blanca Garcia, RDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Julieth Diaz-1

Julieth, D., MD

Medical Doctor, Expert Health & Wellness Writer Spain

1. Our Mission

The mission of MIDSS is to be one of the world’s leading providers of information regarding effective medic