Test of Genuineness (TOG-R)

Author of Tool: 

Asher, Aitken, Farooqi, Kurmani and Baron-Cohen

Key references: 

Asher, J. Aitken, M.R.F., Farooqi, N. Kurmani, S. and Baron-Cohen, S. (2006). Diagnosing and phenotyping visual synaesthesia - a preliminary evaluation of the revised test of genuineness (TOG-R). Cortex :137-146

Primary use / Purpose: 

The Test of Genuineness (TOG-R) measures the consistency of synaesthetes reports on linkage between sounds and colours.


The Test of Genuineness (TOG-R) was created in 1987, however revisions such as the introduction of colour swatches and computerisation of the measure were needed, hence the TOG-R. Synaesthesia is a condition found more frequently among those with autism spectrum disorders. This measure may further our understanding of this connection.


Validity is discussed in Asher, Aitken, Farooqi, Kurmani and Baron-Cohen (2006)


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