The Sense of Competence Questionnaire (SCQ)

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Vernooij-Dassen, M. J. F. J., Persoon, J. M. G., Felling, A. J. A.

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The Sense of Competence Questionnaire (SCQ) is a 35-item questionnaire covering 3 domains: consequences of involvement in care for the personal life of the caregiver, satisfaction with one’s own performance as a caregiver, and satisfaction with the demented person as a recipient of care. The purpose of the questionnaire is to allow measurement of these three domains and allow researchers to predict what may influence a person’s 'sense of competence' which is an important factor in their wellbeing. The scale also exists in shorter 7-item version, also attached below.


Caregiving is typically unplanned, unpaid work, usually carried out by the relative of a patient. The role of caregiver can be rewarding, but it can also be detrimental to a person’s wellbeing and can put them under a lot of stress, especially for a caregiver who has little experience, and may also be struggling with the added financial burden of providing assistance. The Sense of Competence Questionnaire (SCQ) specifically measures a caregiver’s satisfaction and worries in this regard.


The psychometric properties of the Sense of Competence Questionnaire (SCQ) are discussed in Vernooij-Dassen, Persoon, & Felling (1996).



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